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2022 Nissan Sentra

  • Overview

    An orange 2022 Nissan Sentra is angled left.

    What does NASA have to do with the 2022 Nissan Sentra? Everything when it comes to the sedan’s front seats. The Sentra’s Zero Gravity front seats are inspired by NASA and the weightlessness of space that puts astronauts in the optimal posture, reducing fatigue and improving focus. Since Nissan isn’t in the market of bringing its drivers into space, the automaker brings the feature to models like the stunning and sophisticated 2022 Sentra.

    Because of its Zero Gravity front seats, the Sentra offers one of the most comfortable rides in the segment, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or riding as a copilot. Passengers in the second row aren’t forgotten either, with plush seating that ensures every adventure on the road is enjoyable. Beyond its seating, the Sentra has a lot more to offer, from its premium interior to an array of standard tech and safety features, including class-exclusive tools like Intelligent Forward Collision Warning and Rear Automatic Braking. These standard features and dozens of others make the Sentra’s starting price of $19,510 nearly unbelievable.*

    So, what do you get for that price? This gets you behind the wheel of the Sentra S, an entry-level model that’s far from basic. The S sits on 16-inch wheels, delivers plenty of power, and offers a host of conveniences like remote keyless entry with push-button start and smartphone integration. Next in the lineup is the SV, which upgrades the exterior and interior while adding a crisp, 8-inch color touchscreen display. The top-tier SR immediately distinguishes itself with its 18-inch alloy wheels, dark chrome V-motion grille, and LED lighting, while offering a host of interior upgrades and tech features from heated front seats and a heated steering wheel to a moonroof and a Bose premium audio system.


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  • Performance and Handling

    A blue 2022 Nissan Sentra is shown from the side driving on an open road.

    Efficient and Fun to Drive

    The 2022 Nissan Sentra is fun to drive, easy to maneuver, and incredibly efficient. This trifecta is a must-have for anyone looking for a sedan, but Nissan manages to make the package even better by giving you greater confidence and control behind the wheel. This starts with the Sentra’s independent rear suspension, MacPherson strut front suspension, and twin-tube shock absorbers that optimize its handling, while the dual-pinion electric power steering system ensures the Sentra is responsive and agile whether you’re cruising at highway speeds or navigating a winding road through the mountains.

    Along with these components, the Sentra’s advanced Intelligent Trace Control system works behind the scenes to help you navigate those winding roads with greater ease. As you approach a corner, Nissan’s Intelligent Control system helps you maintain control by applying brake pressure to the front wheels, increasing the Sentra’s handling and stability to give you greater confidence behind the wheel even when it means navigating demanding switchbacks and hairpin turns to reach breathtaking vistas.

    With confidence and control in the driver’s seat, you can also rest assured that the 2022 Sentra will deliver the power you need without sacrificing your safety or overall efficiency. The Sentra comes equipped with Nissan’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that’s mated to the latest generation Xtronic transmission. This combination delivers 149 horsepower and 146 lb-ft of torque with an average fuel economy of 29 MPG in the city and 39 MPG on the highway for the Sentra S and SV. The Sentra SR sees a slight reduction in its fuel economy because of its wider tires and larger wheels, averaging 28 MPG city and 37 MPG highway.

  • Safety and Driver-Assist

    A white 2022 Nissan Sentra is shown from the side parked in front of a city building.

    An Icon of Safety

    The Sentra is no stranger to accolades, especially when it comes to safety. The 2021 Sentra earned a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, setting the stage for the 2022 Sentra. The newest sedan promises tech that’s always got your back, your sides, and your front thanks to a suite of cutting-edge safety and driver-assist features.

    Offering the most standard safety features in its class, every Sentra in the 2022 lineup comes equipped with the Nissan Safety Shield 360 suite. Nissan, however, doesn’t stop there. The Sentra is the only sedan in the segment to come equipped with Rear Automatic Braking and Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, both of which add to the Sentra’s incredible value.

    Safety Shield 360

    Beyond these class-exclusive features, the Sentra’s Nissan Safety Shield 360 is comprised of six standard safety and driver-assist tools that are designed to enhance your visibility and minimize the potential for a collision. Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection constantly monitors the traffic ahead in relation to your speed and can enhance your braking or bring the Sentra to a stop if a collision is imminent. Rear Automatic Braking and Rear Cross Traffic Alert work similarly to save your rear bumper. The Sentra’s Blind Spot Warning keeps an eye out for vehicles around the sedan, while the Lane Departure Warning helps you keep the Sentra safely centered in its lane. High Beam Assist extends your visibility without blinding oncoming traffic by automatically activating and deactivating the high beams as the conditions warrant.

    The Sentra also offers a variety of intelligent safety and driver-assist tools that make your time behind the wheel safer and more enjoyable. Intelligent Cruise Control improves upon traditional cruise control by adjusting your cruising speed based on the flow of traffic ahead. Intelligent Forward Collision Warning watches two cars ahead and alerts you to potential collisions well in advance so that you have time to respond. The available Intelligent Around View Monitor gives you a bird’s eye view around the Sentra on the sedan’s center touchscreen display and even offers split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside to give you a better view of your surroundings.

  • Connectivity

    The black interior of a 2022 Nissan Sentra shows a person driving.

    Keeping You Connected

    Do you ever leave home without your smartphone in hand? Nissan knows the answer to this, at least for most people, is a resounding, “No.” Because of this, the 2022 Sentra is equipped with all the tools you need to stay informed and connected even when you’re behind the wheel.

    The Sentra comes standard with a 4.2-inch digital multi-information driver’s display that puts vital information like your speed, fuel level, and mileage within view behind the steering wheel. Looking to the center dashboard, you’ll find the Sentra’s standard 7-inch color touchscreen display that’s home to the Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System and smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you access to your favorite apps in a layout that’s both intuitive and familiar.

    Upgrading to the SV trim brings a 7-inch digital Advanced Drive-Assist Display and also upgrades the center touchscreen to an 8-inch display that’s home to NissanConnect. While NissanConnect also offers smartphone integration, it takes your connectivity to the next level by equipping the Sentra with virtual assistants that are constantly on-call at the sound of your voice. The NissanConnect Services Skill for Alexa and NissanConnect Services Action on Google allow you to use Alexa or Google to make phone calls, respond to text messages, and remotely control the Sentra’s engine, lights, and other features with simple voice commands. When paired with your smart home devices, you can start the Sentra’s engine to ensure the cabin is at the ideal temperature, whether it’s the hottest day of summer or there’s snow on the ground.

    Keeping You Safe

    NissanConnect extends its functionality beyond convenience by serving you when you need it most–when the unthinkable happens, and you’re involved in an accident. With NissanConnect’s Automatic Collision Notification, the system alerts emergency personnel when your airbags deploy. When every second counts, this automatic call can be the difference between a bad experience and a tragic accident. In instances where your airbags don’t deploy, help is still within reach via the Emergency Call button. The Sentra not only keeps you connected to your busy life but also gives you a lifeline in your time of need and that peace of mind is truly priceless.

  • Trim Highlights


    • Spec 1
    • Spec 2
    • Spec 3
    • Spec 4
    • Spec 5
    • Spec 6
    • Spec 7
    • Spec 8



    • Cruise Control
    • 7in Color Touchscreen Display
    • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
    • Bluetooth
    • Remote Keyless Entry



    • Intelligent Cruise Control
    • 8in Color Touchscreen Display
    • 2 USB-A Ports/1 USB-C Port
    • Heated Outside Mirrors
    • Power Sliding Glass Moonroof



    • Intelligent Around View Monitor
    • 8in Color Touchscreen Display
    • Bose Premium Audio System w/ 8 Speakers
    • NissanConnect Services
    • Heated Front Seats/Heated Steering Wheel


    Midnight Edition

    • Black Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    • Black Rear Spoiler
    • Black Rear Diffuser
    • LED Signature Daytime Running Lights
    • Intelligent Driver Alertness


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