Fulfilling Our Promise to Change Your Experience: The Newton Certified Program

A blue 2020 Nissan Sentra Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is shown parked on pavement.

Buying a vehicle, regardless of how much you spend, is an investment in your future on the road. For many, making that investment is stressful and overwhelming, but what if it didn’t have to be? What if buying a vehicle could be enjoyable, exciting, and even rewarding?

Newton Nissan South is here to change your experience with our Newton Certified Program. Buying a vehicle should be exciting, so we’re here to make that happen by eliminating the guesswork and apprehension that often accompanies buying a pre-owned vehicle. We do the hard work ahead of time, stocking a vast selection of high-quality models to save you valuable time and give you confidence in your purchase. It’s just another way we work for you.

Integrity, transparency, and accountability are at the heart of our approach, especially the Newton Certified Program. Our customers deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver by setting new standards of excellence that shift the focus from the sale to you. By tailoring our approach to you and your automotive needs, we change your entire experience and give you every reason to get excited about your purchase and your next adventure behind the wheel.

Our Newton Certified Program takes this excitement even further and recognizes the risk once associated with buying a pre-owned vehicle. This exclusive program mitigates that risk by promising an inventory of top-quality models backed by our dealership. We make it easy to get excited about shopping for a Certified Pre-Owned model because you know you’re getting the best and that the Newton team is always there for you every mile ahead.

You Deserve the Best Used Car

Did you know that dealerships across America move far more used vehicles than new models? The lure of any new car smell is undeniable, especially to those who appreciate the latest technology and features. However, these amenities often come at a premium that doesn’t serve you well over time. For example, your new vehicle starts depreciating as soon as you drive it off the lot, meaning you’ve already overpaid before you park it in your garage. By its fifth year on the road, it’s worth around 40% of what you paid, which can be costly if you signed a longer loan.

This loss is entirely avoidable when you choose a Newton Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Rather than investing in a new car, truck, or SUV, you can reap the benefits of purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned model that offers many of the same features in exchange for a few miles on the odometer. The exchange is worthwhile, considering you’re paying closer to the vehicle’s actual value, and it will depreciate much slower after its fifth anniversary on the road.

Choosing a Newton Certified Pre-Owned vehicle means saving more of your hard-earned money without lowering your expectations. Our exclusive program gives you everything you want and need in your next car without a mile-high price tag. So, how do we do it? By raising our quality standards beyond the manufacturer’s Certified Pre-Owned requirements to deliver a new level of excellence with the Newton Certified Pre-Owned badge.

A close up shows the trunk badge on a black 2021 Nissan GT-R T-Spec.

We Work for You: Our Certification Process

While most used vehicles are sold as-is, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are higher caliber models that offer greater peace of mind and more benefits. This is certainly true with our Certified Pre-Owned selection, but our customers deserve even more than the status quo. That’s the inspiration behind our Newton Certified Program, where every vehicle must meet an additional set of standards before earning its certified badge.

Our work to give you the best of the best starts at our service center, where our factory-trained technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection of every vehicle potentially eligible for certification. During this inspection, the technicians check over 170 points on the model, noting any areas of concern. For example, they’ll inspect the seatbelts, airbags, frame or chassis, tires, wheels, powertrain, and suspension. They’ll also gauge its performance during a grueling road test.

As our technicians navigate the inspection process, they’ll document any issues that need to be repaired or reconditioned. For example, if the tread on the tires is worn, they’ll put on a new set of tires. Likewise, if a headlamp is broken or the air conditioner isn’t working correctly, they’ll make the necessary repairs so that the vehicle is as close to its like-new condition as possible.

This comprehensive inspection is our way of vetting our inventory before you ever see it. We only want our customers to have the finest models to choose from, so we put in the extra time to make that happen. Moreover, our commitment to transparency gives you access to this inspection and the CARFAX Vehicle History Report, providing you with all the necessary information to help you make an informed purchase.

Coverage Every Mile Ahead: Warranties and Benefits

Having the confidence to shop for a Certified Pre-Owned car, truck, or SUV is only the first step. We want to take that confidence beyond our lot to your time behind the wheel. So, how do we do that beyond giving you access to our state-of-the-art service center and factory-trained technicians?

Every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle on our lot comes with the Newton Certified Program. This program adds incredible value because it includes a seven-year or 100,000-mile limited warranty and the option to enhance that coverage with the available Extended Protection Plan. These coverage options protect most of your vehicle’s vital components, minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses should your vehicle need repair.

Beyond this coverage, we also want you to enjoy your time in the driver’s seat and have every opportunity to celebrate your purchase. We make it easy by including a three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM Satellite Radio with your purchase. With access to hundreds of music, sports, talk radio, news, and comedy channels, you can enjoy every adventure behind the wheel.

A silver 2021 Nissan Armada is shown from the front driving on a city street.

Raising the Bar of Excellence

Newton Nissan South is proud to do things differently and fulfill our promise to change your car-buying and owning experience. Shopping for a vehicle, especially a Certified Pre-Owned model, can be exciting, fun, and incredibly rewarding. Our Newton Certified Program guarantees as much by raising the bar of excellence to ensure you only have the best models to choose from in one convenient location. Our transparent pricing sweetens the deal, saving you valuable time and ensuring you keep more money in your wallet.

We guarantee it doesn’t get any better than Newton Nissan South and the Newton Certified Program. We are taking the guesswork out of purchasing a used vehicle and showing you that we are dedicated to your happiness behind the wheel for years by providing our own warranties. Now, it’s time to experience that guarantee for yourself and uncover what it means to join the Newton Nissan South family.

Stop by the dealership and introduce yourself to the team. We’ll help you find your next Newton Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and show you what it means to never settle for less than extraordinary in a car, truck, or SUV. Along the way, you’ll reap the benefits of a program designed exclusively for you and better understand how we fulfill our promise to change your car-buying and owning experience every mile and adventure ahead.