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Tire Rotation FAQs | Shelbyville, TN

You may have heard the term “tire rotation,” but do you know what it is? We’ve compiled an in-depth FAQ to help you understand this important part of servicing your vehicle.

How Often Should I Rotate My Tires?

Most drivers have their tires rotated around the same time they get their oil changed. This is because the typical recommendation for how often you rotate your tires is every 5,000 miles. The official manufacturer’s recommendation for how often to rotate your tires should be listed in the owner’s manual.

Why Is It Important To Rotate My Tires?

Tread wear is affected by many factors such as the drivetrain and weight distribution of your vehicle. For example, front- or rear-wheel drive vehicles will show more wear on the front or rear wheels, respectively. 4WD or AWD vehicles don’t wear evenly, either. Rotating tires regularly helps tires last longer and improves the traction and handling of your vehicle.

What Is A Tire Rotation, Exactly?

There are three more commonly-used patterns frequently used to rotate tires:

  • Rearward cross: The most commonly-used pattern, the rearward cross is used for 4WD, AWD, and RWD vehicles. Rear tires are brought to the front, while front tires are moved diagonally to opposite sides of the rear axle.
  • Forward cross: Used for most FWD vehicles, the forward cross is the same as the rearward cross, but with the front and rear switched - front tires brought to the back and rear tires moved diagonally to the front.
  • X-pattern: Also used for FWD vehicles, but specifically for lightweight vehicles like sedans, the x-pattern distributes tires by bringing both the front and rear tires diagonally to the opposite side of the vehicle. Front tires become rear tires on opposite sides of the axle, and rear tires are put on opposite sides of the front axle.

DIY Or Mechanic?

Our trained service technicians at Newton Nissan South will know which pattern is best for your vehicle and can ensure your tires are properly aligned.

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