2018 Nissan Altima vs 2018 Chevy Malibu

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2018 Nissan Altima vs 2018 Chevy Malibu

2018 Nissan Altima vs 2018 Chevy Malibu:

Two great cars. How do you decide?

When it comes to buying a new car, no one wants to be uninformed about what’s out there. And here at Newton Nissan, we do not want to ever pressure you into making a decision. So here are two great options out there for your next sedan. Keep reading to understand the key similarities and differences between them, so that you can make a well-informed decision!

2018 Nissan Altima

This new model year for the Nissan Altima brings with it many new standard features, including:

  • Standard hands-free text messaging assistant,
  • Standard Advanced Drive-Assist® Display,
  • and Standard Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

These features combine to keep the driver alert and aware at all times, even when needing to stay connected on-the-go. In addition, also available is the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, which warns the driver to a potential rear-end accident. It monitors the vehicle directly two cars ahead, and alerts the driver with both visual and audio warnings. Though the Malibu also offers a similar system, it can only monitor the car directly in front.

2018 Chevy Malibu

The Malibu for this year is not lacking in features itself, either. One noticeable difference in the increase in the size of the fuel tank–up from 13.0 gallons to 15.8 gallons on models with the 1.5 liter engine. The Altima, however, does make even that increase seem small,by offering a 18.0 gallon tank! An additional standard feature now on all Malibu models is the rear-view camera, which makes backing up a breeze. Also available are many different trim levels, which vary in both packages and pricing.

Standards Sweeten the Deal

When you’re looking for a car, of course you want good features. Nissan makes that easy by making so many great features standard–at no extra cost to you–ranging from connectivity to safety. But you also want an affordable price. Nissan again offers a lower starting price than the Chevy. The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong either way. Check the choices out for yourself, and we hope to see you soon!

Click here to view Newton Nissan South’s 2018 Altima options!


‘Tis the Season for Christmas Music on Sirius XM Radio

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Sirius XM Radio

It’s finally cold outside (for today, anyway), and we’re now under a month away from Christmas! Can you believe it? Although I’ve been playing Christmas music off and on throughout the year, now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s finally a culturally acceptable time to really begin listening 24/7. And Sirius XM Radio makes that possible for us in our cars, with several stations that offer many different varieties of Christmas music. They have been offering holiday music 24/7 since November 1st, so maybe some of you have discovered these already, but keep reading to learn which ones you might play this holiday season! Running now until December 30th!

Sirius XM Radio

Here are the top offerings from Sirius XM Radio:

Holly (Channel 70): Contemporary & classic Christmas hits with Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, & Pentatonix. 

Holiday Traditions (Channel 4): Traditional hits from the 40s-60s with Bing Crosby & Nat King Cole.

Navidad (Channel 785): Contemporary Latin holiday music with Gloria Estefan & Marco Antonio.

Country Christmas (Channel 58): Selection of country holiday favorites with Garth Brooks & Carrie Underwood.

Holiday Soul (Channel 49): Motown and Soul Christmas hits from the 80s & 90s with Whitney Houston & Aretha Franklin.

Radio Hanukkah (Channel 77): Hanukkah themed music, reflections, and prayers (runs 12/12-12/21).

Holiday Pops (Channel 76): Classic carols by the greatest classical musicians including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Boston Pops, & Luciano Pavarotti.


We here at Newton Nissan South hope you enjoy your Holiday season!

The Valuable 2018 Nissan Versa

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First-time buyer? Here’s why the 2018 Nissan Versa is worth a look.

2018 Nissan Versa

Affordable Value

The 2018 Nissan Versa, no matter what model or edition you choose, stays priced well under $20,000. But it won’t feel that way, with options ranging from chrome details to a leather-wrapped steering wheel to a rear view monitor. If you choose to forego additional options and packages, the base price will continue to drop. That is primarily why this is a great first car! No matter which options or trims you choose, the Versa will remain an affordable value. Here at Newton Nissan South, we have many different available options for you!

Spacious Interior

2018 Nissan Versa

Standard on the Versa is a spacious interior–with 90.2 cubic feet of space, including several inches more legroom in the rear than in other comparable sedans. The trunk volume itself measures almost 15 cubic feet. Couple this with the ability to lay down the back seats in a 60/40 split, and the space increases, allowing for more cargo room. The Versa proves that a smaller sedan does not have to equal small space!

Essential Features

2018 Nissan Versa

The Versa might seem simple by today’s common standards of luxury and intelligent features. However, it has all the essential features for staying connected: AM/FM radio, USB and auxiliary ports for music and charging, and hands-free Bluetooth connection. It also keeps standard essential safety features: airbags, anti-lock breaks, and tire pressure monitoring. Even more features–including a 5-in. LED display scene with rear-view camera–are available on the affordable SV Special Edition upgrade (pictured above).  Add this to the already trustworthy Nissan brand, as well as the service available here at Newton Nissan South, and we’ve got you covered in a car you can feel good about purchasing!

Come see us today, and test drive the 2018 Nissan Versa for yourself!

2018 Nissan Versa



That’s a Wrap! Trunk or Treat 2017

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Trunk or Treat 2017 Wrap Up

We loved Trunk or Treat 2017!

Easily our favorite day of the year, we here at Newton Nissan South love getting to see our community turn out for Trunk or Treat. It’s also an important day for us, because it is a day that we don’t promote ourselves. Instead, we promote the community we are in. This year, the Cascade High School Band Boosters helped us decorate 40 trunks that we filled with enough candy for all the afternoon’s visitors! In return, we were able to donate some funds to help them continue to grow their program.

Trunk or Treat

Battling the fierce wind, the booster cars showed up early and began setting up: decorating their cars, trucks, and SUVs into spooky entrances, fun characters, science labs, and music-filled pop culture references, such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. We had a friendly competition over whose trunk was the best, and we brought in fun bouncy houses and euro bungees for the kids to enjoy for a few hours! The wind would not keep us down!Trunk or Treat

So, why do we do this?

Because we here believe that our customers are more important than our cars; our community is more valuable than our bottom line. And to show this, we simply want to be a part of each others’ lives. And Trunk or Treat is one of those days that allows us to host a fun event, get to know our community, and give back.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

We hope to see you next year at Trunk or Treat 2018!


2018 Nissan Altima: What’s New?

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Last month, we took a closer look at the 2017 Altima, and saw how it stacked up against a strong competitor: the 2017 Toyota Camry. The upgrades made on the 2017 model proved that upgrades are becoming standard for Nissan’s already impressive and durable lineup. With the 2018 Nissan Altima, the bar for what is becoming standard just got set higher.

2018 Nissan Altima

A New Standard

With the 2018 model year, Nissan set a new standard with many of its models, including the Rogue, Murano, and Altima. On a million of these models, the revolutionary Automatic Emergency Breaking (AEB) technology was placed as a standard feature–not for special editions only, but on base models, with no excess charges. This is double the amount of Nissan vehicles with AEB from 2017.

2018 Nissan Altima

What is AEB?

AEB is a new technology that helps a driver stay alert to possible collisions with vehicles ahead. It offers both visual and auditory alerts as it tracks the space in between your car and the car ahead. If the driver fails to respond to these warnings–i.e., not slowing down–the car will automatically apply the breaks. This will either help you to avoid rear-ending someone altogether, or it will at the very least reduce the speed at which the collision occurs.

An Intelligent Interior

2018 Nissan Altima

On the inside, the 2018 Nissan Altima complements its exterior.  It features a standard Advanced Drive Assist display and a 5-inch color audio display. Its primary goal is to help the driver stay focused on the road while staying informed of incoming messages. The driver can respond with preset or custom messages through the smartphone connection via the USB port below the controls.

The 2018 Nissan Altima features new standards, alongside optional upgrades, and is available at Newton Nissan South! Come see us today to check it out!


Trunk or Treat 2017

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Here at Newton Nissan, we pride ourselves on our involvement in the community. It is very important to us to know our customers and their families as more than numbers or sales, but as neighbors, friends, and family. For this reason, we have many different events to do this, including Spirit Nights and our car giveaway for high school students. But by far, the most fun event we love to host for the community is our annual Trunk or Treat!

Each year, we shut down our dealership and host thousands from our community for fun, games, food, and, of course, candy! It is always a fun time for kids and adults alike to enjoy a few hours celebrating together. Cars, as well as children & adults, are dressed up in fun costumes, and a good time is always had by all.

Come to our Trunk or Treat here at Newton Nissan!

Where: 2801 Highway 231 N Shelbyville, TN

When: 3-5 PM

Details: Everything is free! Come dressed and ready to have fun! Rain or shine!

This year, we hope we can join us at this family-friendly event for all ages! We’ll serve pizza, have a euro bungees, and more!

Past Trunk or Treat Photos

Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treat

2017 Nissan Altima Sedan vs 2017 Toyota Camry

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2017 Nissan Altima vs 2017 Toyota Camry

Two great cars. Two reputable manufacturers. How do you decide?

Here at Newton Nissan, we don’t want you to only take our word for it when it comes to buying a car. We want you to make an informed decision. So we’ve put two of the top sedans available on the market head-to-head: Nissan’s 2017 Altima Sedan vs Toyota’s 2017 Camry to help you decide.

2017 Toyota Camry

Toyota’s Camry this year offers gasoline-powered models in a 4-cylinder or V6 engine, as well as a hybrid model. The gasoline models feature a 6-speed automatic transmission, but the hybrid model offers Toyota’s Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

On the interior, the XLE and XSE models newly feature the Entune™ Audio Plus system with navigation. Other select models are equipped with a Qi Wireless Smartphone Charging system for certain phones.

2017 Nissan Altima Sedan

Nissan’s version of Toyota’s CVT, Xtronic CVT® comes standard on the 2017 Altima Sedan, giving every model smooth acceleration and quiet performance. It also has a better fuel efficiency than the Camry, with a larger fuel tank and an average of 30 mpg with a 4-cylinder engine; Camry’s estimates for the Camry’s 4-cylinder is 27 mpg. Also standard on the 2017 Altima is Push Button Ignition.

In the driver’s seat, the Altima has the Advanced Drive-Assist® Display, providing easy recognition of vehicle information and warnings. For added comfort, a heating steering wheel is available on select models. This feature is not offered on any of the Camry models.

A Standard Upgrade

The 2017 Nissan Altima considers standard what competitors count as luxury upgrades. It is the clear choice for someone looking at the 2017 Nissan Altima versus 2017 Toyota Camry this year, because of these standard luxuries that Nissan offers on the Altima.

Click here to view Newton Nissan South’s available 2017 Altima Sedans!

2017 Nissan Titan vs. 2016 Chevy Silverado; Which One Should You Buy?

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Thinking of buying a new truck this year? Let’s take a look at two of the hottest trucks currently on the market: a 2017 Nissan Titan SL 4×4 Crew Cab with Chrome package, and a 2016 Chevy Silverado Z71 4×4 Crew Cab All-Star Edition.

Exterior Styling

Titan has a bigger modern muscular look and has a much more updated look compared to the outdated Silverado. Both trucks feature full-length running boards and power-sliding rear windows.


Titan’s V8 Endurance Engine has a more advanced dual-overhead design than the overhead valve design of the Silverado.

Front Seat

The Titan has a grip assist on the driver’s seat door, while the Silverado does not. The Silverado features a traditional steering column ignition requiring a key. Titan features a more convenient push button ignition so you can keep your keys in your pocket (or purse). Both cars feature the option between box and bucket seats, and have climate controlled front seats. The Titan and Silverado both have a rear-view camera, but only the Titan can offer a trailer guide. The Titan is also set on safety, as it’s the only truck in it’s class with individual tire pressure displays, blind spot warning, and rear cross traffic alert.


Rear Seat

The Titan also offers a superior ride for those in the back seat. Only the Titan can give those passengers heated seats, their own cup holders, a full 120 volt power outlet, and dividable under-seat storage that’s lockable.


Cargo Bed

The Titan has a few advantages in terms of its cargo bed. Only the Titan can offer tailgate assist for lowering and raising the tailgate. The Titan’s cargo bed also has the distinct features of a 120 volt power outlet, movable floor channels, and waterproof in-bed storage system.




Shelbyville Student Wins Free Car for Good Grades

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For the second straight year, Newton Nissan South has given away a car to a student with good grades. This year’s giveaway story was especially heartwarming.

Allyson Bivvins, the winner from the Shelbyville location, is a junior from Victory Baptist Academy. She succeeded in school this year despite personal trials. Allyson’s father just got out of the hospital on Friday for his first round of cancer treatment. Because of the crowd and potential for germs at the car giveaway event, Allyson’s father sat inside his car while the car giveaway was going on inside. When Allyson’s name was drawn, Allyson’s mom rushed out to the car to tell her dad the good news.

The annual contest, hosted by Newton Motor Group’s two Nissan dealerships, is open to all students enrolled in a middle Tennessee high school. Students enter the contest by bringing in their report card, and they get an entry for each “A” on their report card. Newton Nissan in Gallatin has given away a car for 8 straight years. Their newest Nissan location in Shelbyville has now hosted the giveaway for two straight years. 

A 2017 Nissan Versa, valued at $15,370, was the grand prize at each location. “Newton Nissan pays for both the car and sales taxes, so the winning students don’t have to pay anything for their new cars,” says Mike Abbondanza, Newton Motor Group’s Vice President. Producer Eddie from the Bobby Bones Show came in to DJ the event and officially give the car to Allyson.

More info: Car Giveaway   |   More info: Nissan Versa

Newton team wins Nissan Dealer of the Year Award

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Shelbyville Nissan team

Most shoppers don’t have an affinity for car dealerships, but Newton Nissan has proven that it is the exception to the rule. For the second year in a row, Newton Nissan has been named the #1 Nissan Dealership in America by shoppers on DealerRater.

“Car buyers have spoken and have identified Newton Nissan as the best Nissan dealer to do business with in the U.S,” said DealerRater CEO Gary Tucker. “The quality and number of reviews for Newton Nissan speak volumes of the top-notch experiences they provide to customers.”

Out of 1,080 Nissan dealerships in the United States, Newton Nissan’s PowerScores emerged at the top of the class. The PowerScore is determined using a Bayesian algorithm that factors the dealership’s average DealerRater consumer rating and the total number of reviews written about the dealership during the 2016 calendar year.

Founded in 2002, DealerRater, a Cars.com Company, is the world’s leading car dealer review website that connects consumers with the right dealership. The 2017 Dealer of the Year awards were announced at the National Automobile Dealers Association Awards Ceremony on January 27th.

The annual awards are based on reviews by car shoppers and those who took their vehicles into dealerships for service. Reviewers evaluated Newton Nissan on its customer service, quality of work, friendliness, pricing and overall experience.

“This feels like a David and Goliath moment for us,” says Mike Abbondanza, the Vice President of Newton Nissan. “Most dealerships are owned by big corporations with lots of resources; but our team is small, local, and we put a lot of heart into everything we do.”

Newton Nissan has two award-winning locations on the outskirts of Nashville; one in Gallatin, and one in Shelbyville. Beyond it’s national recognition, the Newton team is known for its community involvement like Trunk or Treat, and its annual car giveaway for high school students.

More info about the Dealer of the Year Awards can be found at: www.dealerrater.com/dealers/awards